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Birda chip at 3am
June 05, 2005 @ 3:15 am

In other news, I finally got a Mastercard today. My mom sent me a text pessage while I was at Showghirls watching some crotch that I got a mastercard with a $500 l;imit. I didn;t even think they made limits that low in this day and age. But if worse come s to worse I am also applying for a Vis a this week at 2pm on Friday, and I bet I will win the jackpo on that one.

In case you were sonndering, I am quyte driunk, thank you.

Jenny called be at about 8pm and said HEY we are going to Sowgirls if you want to come, so i called a taxi and i was tehre by 10pm. The mostqutos were bad, I got a bite right on my damned forebead.

Pater is finally leaving on Monday I think, and it coulnd't have come sooner, if he keeps hanging aroudn the Hertz boothe and the Avis booth I thuink I will scream, just vbecause prettoier ghrols than me work there. GAH I friggin fucked you, ya jerk.

Anyway I am caling to activiate my MC probably forst thing in hte morning, I can' t wait, it will be the best day of my life probably. I love myself.

O am now finally an adult.

I had 4 smirtnoofs and 1 shooter, and if you know me well, it takes about 2 or 3 coolers for me to be slowhsed, and it worked well today because it is my firts day off in 12 days. Holy crap, I love working to bid e my time.

Goodnight my dear friends and relatives and mysef, I hope you enjoy your sleep, I waitied an hour for a taxi.

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